TATINIS ART SHOW is an art fair that stirs the traditional art events by adding its own personal touch of  humanity and warmth. The art show focuses on redefining the way you meet artists by giving a whole new sense of proximity. The idea of greater accessibility is an essential aspect of the show, especially since the pandemic has deprived many people of art. In a time of great social instability, enlightment through art can be godsend as it can “comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. 

Four instalments since its inceptive exhibition in 2015, the Tatinis Art Show now pierces through a new decade. With the brand’s anchorage in the Singapore and Helsinki art scenes, Tatinis remains relevant in the provision of artistic support as an art fair for the community at large. The fair proffers over 500 artworks from around the globe with prices ranging from $100 to $6,000. This ensures equitable acquisition across all price points of artworks, thus adapting to the echelons of art collecting in its entirety.

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