Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Who is an art fair for?

Anyone who loves art! Tatinis Art Shows has free entry, so whether you’re a newbie to art fairs or a seasoned collector, come buy artworks directly from the artists.

What is an art fair for?

It’s a place for artists to pluck work straight from their studios and show it in a welcoming public arena. Let’s face it, individual galleries can be intimidating and have a limited choice of art on display. At an art fair there are over 30 booths and you can take as much time as you need to browse the artworks.

Why have an art fair?

Let’s face it, nothing beats in-person conversations with the artist when it comes to visual art. The artists will be at the shows and happy to talk to you about their artwork. You can ask as many questions as you like. This first-hand knowledge is something you wouldn’t get when buying a picture online or through an agent or dealer. They’ll also be opportunities to discover new artists and emerging trends.

Who are the artists?

An artist may be showing for the first time, so you’ll get first pick of original works before galleries, dealers or agents snap them up. There will also be repeat appearances year to year from dedicated artists. Buying from them annually is a great way to add to your collection. Check to see who is exhibiting.

How does an art fair work?

Walk around, view the art, buy the art! It’s that simple. You can take the piece away with you that day or arrange shipment with the individual artist or gallery. Great for those spontaneous purchases. Another benefit is that an art fair in Asia may be exhibiting the work of an artist from another country. That's your chance to buy some international art locally. You’ll save on shipping costs as the artwork will be delivered to you at the local rate rather than a much higher one from the country of origin.

How much do the artworks cost?

At Tatinis Art Show, our artworks range from SGD 100 to SGD 10,000. Art fairs are a cost-effective why to buy art, and, at these prices, there is something for everyone.

Will there be any other events?

For 2021, there will be artist talks and an expert panel discussion with Q&A. Fancy yourself as an artist? They’ll be Therapeutic Arm Painting, Persian Miniature Painting and Illustration, Soot Art and Pattachitra Art to keep you entertained. Children aged 5 to 12 are welcome to enjoy the Kids Art Party. Check for up-to- the-minute information.

Are there any upcoming art fairs?

March, 2021 in Singapore and September, 2021 in Helsinki. Each art fair will be held over three days. A visit to Tatinis Art Show is a great way to buy artworks when you have little time to spare. If you see an artwork but are unsure whether to buy it on the spot, you can take a chance that it may still be for sale after the show. Check for the online catalogue.

When and where is the next art fair?

Further information including times, dates and locations available now on Welcome!

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